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Laser Hair Removal


Cynosure Elite MPX™

We use the Cynosure Elite MPX™, a dual wavelength cosmetic machine which enables the treatment of clients with a wide variety of skin types.
The wavelengths offered by this system are Alexandrite and Yag, and the fact that they can be sequentially emitted allows for efficient and accurate results.
Few machines on the market can offer the versatility and performance of the  Cynosure Elite MPX™.

SharpLight Formax™

"Equipped with SharpLight Technologies proprietary DPC technology, the Formax offers thermoelectric skin cooling, advanced energy pulsing, and precision optical filtering. This innovative machine is suitable for all patient’s skin types, and using thermoelectric cooling, eliminates the costly need for cold creams. The machine is easy to learn and use with an intuitive user interface, and is extremely safe and reliable. The Formax also comes with SharpLight Technologies business maximization package, which can help you increase revenue and traffic.

The Formax can be used to provide the following treatments: acne and inflammation reduction, pigmented epidermal and cutaneous lesion treatment, hair removal and permanent reduction, and treatment of sunspots, rosacea, age spots, and more."

SharpLight Medical Devices

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