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I am specialize in Brazilian wax.
Full Body $120 (not including face)
Full body with Brazilian $135 (not including face)
Full Leg $47 (not including bikini)
Full legs and Bikini lines $60
Half Leg $35
upper legs $37
Brazilian $37
French Bikini$35
Bikini Lines $25
Full Arm $27
Underarm $10
Back $25
Stomach $20
Breast $15
Full Face $25
Brow $13
Upper Lip $7
Chin $7
Hands and feet $5
Professional and expert hair removal using wax. For best results, hair should be 5–10mm in length (pls don't shave least for 2 to 3 weeks before getting wax done).
Please note: Waxing is not a suitable method of hair removal if you are using any of the following (currently or within the last three months): Retinal A, Accutane or any medication that increases skin exfoliation. Waxing is not suitable if you are sunburned or have received a recent laser hair removal or skin re-surfacing treatment on the area to be waxed.
Laser Hair Removal
Sharp Light Medical and Aesthetic Equipment
Thermos Electric Contact Cooling (TEC)
Contact cooling maintains epidermal temperature at close to 5 C even during continuous treatment of extensive areas. This unique method guarantees maximum skin safety, patient comfort and no need for anesthetic gel. The practitioner has full control over the contact cooling option, and can determine, straight off the screen, whether it should be used or not.
Radio Frequency (RF)
Single Treatment      
Full Face                                 $80                         
Upper lip                                 $25                          
Chin                                       $25                          
Neck                                      $40                          
Sideburns                               $25                                            
Cheeks                                   $25                            
Feet                                       $20                            
Hands                                    $20                    
Underarms                             $40                             
Arms                                     $125                           
Nipples                                  $20                             
Full Abdomen                         $100+                          
Full Back                                $125+                          
Belly line                                $25                           
Bikini                                      $ 50                          
Brazilian                                  $125                         
Lower legs                               $150                          
upper legs                              $175                          
Full legs/                                  $200                     
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash tinting temporarily dyes the eyelashes. This is done to achieve the look of wearing mascara without having to apply makeup daily.
Eyelash Tinting $20
Eyebrow Tinting$12
Threading is performed by twisting a piece of cotton thread and then dragging this over the hairs. This motion gently pulls the hairs out with only a slight discomfort to the patient. Threading is natural, involves no creams or pastes, and is ideal for any type of skin. 1 of the advantages of this method is that it does not damage the skin.
Eyebrow $13
Lips $7
Chin $7
forehead $7
Full body $100
Full body+Face $110
back $40
Photo Facial IPL
Cleansing $40
Teen $50
Aging $75
Hydrating $75
Microdermabrasion+facial $100
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